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Marketing Information Management (M.I.M.) is the division of Around Marketing specialized in the rationalization, organization and planning of Marketing Information provision within companies looking to raise the level of effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing information system.

We believe that the comprehensive understanding of one’s market, of all its horizontal and vertical players and of all the external elements that determine the performance of a company and its brands, represents a key driver of success.
The creation and continuous updating of a contemporary marketing information system, and its management by specialist skilled resources, represent the foundations for brining to the forefront the knowledge required to act and succeed within a marketplace.

Our mission is to ensure that our clients are equipped with the appropriate marketing intelligence required to optimize decision making within an increasingly competitive and evolving environment; with this commitment we bring more than 50 years of cumulative experience in transforming market information into informed marketing action  

Our contribution in terms of “excellence in market information” is aimed at creating tangible competitive advantage for our clients through the optimal leverage of both internal and external information

M.I.M is a partner ideally placed to meet all marketing information needs of the diverse user constituencies within our clients, being in a position to:
  • offer senior resources with a 360° experience in marketing intelligence, supported by a team of motivated and action-oriented analysts and junior researchers
  • design and manage a marketing information system that intelligently combines diverse information sources to provide a holistic view of all the elements that can determine the performance of the company
  • interface internally with senior management as well as operational teams to coordinate and drive information-based action in each part of the company
  • interface externally with all appropriate information and analytic providers (market research, modeling, database management specialists)