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start up nuovi servizi di marketing

The services offered are designed to enable the geographic expansion and market entry in Italy of established providers of leading edge marketing intelligence, communication and promotional information services.

The extensive experience within Around Marketing puts us in a position to offer support in all stages of a start up project and to cover multiple operational aspects.

In particular, areas of expertise within Around Marketing include the following :

  • Technical and commercial feasibility evaluation within the specific context of the Italian marketplace
  • Opportunity gauging and development of a robust business plan
  • Support in terms of identifying the optimal market penetration strategy
  • Mapping and management of all administrative requirements related to setting up a business in Italy
  • Coordination with lawyers and notaries for the formal registration of a company branch
  • Support in recruiting high caliber resources through either identified headhunters or our personal network of contacts within the service industry in Italy
  • Coordination with human resource advisers as required
  • Identification of potential office locations
  • Introduction to key influencers within the local marketplace, potential partners and/or dealers, third party institutions and associations and universities
  • Management of targeted communication campaigns and public relations programs during the market entry phase
  • Commercial intermediation for the introduction of innovative marketing services into the Italian market

The hands on experience of Around Marketing across the spectrum of marketing disciplines and the high level of contacts within both the industry and the academic establishment, coupled with a pragmatic results-oriented business approach, will allow clients to focus the bulk of their attention on bringing to market their services more rapidly and effectively.